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My friend Allison enlisted me to help organize her office. She recently transitioned to working from home after having her second son. The cute sunroom had become lost under piles of paper, art supplies and items to be returned. Over two afternoons, we sorted thru everything (throwing a lot away) and created an organized work space with a few key essentials from The Container Store.
Here’s the Before:

and After:
The custom desk (and chair) by Munger Interiors offers quite a bit of storage underneath and three hidden desk drawers. We used the elfa fridge cart to house Allison’s work and personal laptops. (They both connect to the large desktop monitor.) Each laptop has it’s own shallow drawer. The large bottom drawer holds printer paper and cartridges. Her scanner sits on top and everything is out of sight under the left hand corner of the desk.
A rolling elfa file cart will hold work and personal files. We decided the shallow drawer would hold papers “to be filed” instead of cluttering the desk with an inbox tray. White file folders and hanging folders keep with the aesthetic of the room. In the bottom drawer are bulkier office supplies like a three hole punch and envelopes.
Now the fun part was accessorizing the newly cleared desk top! Allison picked up a pretty Aerin frame and Jonathan Adler coasters from Neiman’s. An acrylic file box will hold frequently used files. All that’s missing is a monogrammed pencil cup! Stay tuned tomorrow for more desktop decorating ideas…

2 Responses to Home Office

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks great and nice to have that view out her windows.

  2. TheLane says:

    well done!!! love me some exposed brick- but love your organization skills better 😉

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