Moving Forward

I have mixed emotions returning to blogging post Hurricane Harvey. It felt funny, even wrong to talk about clothes. It seemed so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. There’s nothing like a natural disaster to remind you what’s truly important in life. I remember thinking moments after we waded to our neighbors house, “my family is safe and that’s all that matters.”

My sister reminded me that I need to feed my passion. I do love blogging and clothes! But I have a new perspective and I hope you will join me on the journey. I’m getting back to “me”. No more styled outfits of what I think I should be posting and more of my “real-life” everyday outfits.

You will notice an increase in work wear as I do spend the majority of my time in a corporate office. You won’t see me styling white booties or bell sleeves this season. Those trends aren’t me. I’m getting back to the basics.

XO Lauren


7 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. Kim Winkler says:

    Welcome back!

  2. holly says:

    You’re BACK!!!!!! Love this post! And by the way, white booties and bell sleeves are not me either : )) If I see one more cold shoulder look, I might gag. Ha! Love your style and this blog. Can’t wait for more! XOXO

  3. Carly Lee says:

    Is it weird that I got teary eyed over this post? I’m so excited to see what’s next! I love your style.

  4. Paige says:

    Welcome back, Lauren! I’m so excited to see what you have in store for us. A fresh perspective is always welcome!

  5. Amanda @ says:

    Welcome back! I totally feel the same. No styled tablescapes or not so real life stuff. Looking forward to your back to basics life too!
    XO, Amanda

  6. Amy says:

    High five!!! So proud of you, and can’t wait to read more.

  7. Sarah Powers says:

    Yay!! I need some corporate inspiration so I am glad you are back! Also, let’s seriously get a downtown lunch on the books soon.

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