Desk Update

My desk has changed quite a bit since my last desk post! I wanted it to blend in seamlessly with the nursery. That meant removing my framed fashion illustrations and banishing some of my cute gold desk accessories to the drawer. I also swiped the outdoorsy desk calendar Scott got for Christmas instead of buying a more girly one for myself. The shelves Scott built were the perfect spot to display some of the special keepsake baby gifts we received. The metal M was a Round Top find (thanks Allison!) and I bought the boat painting at the Glassell School of Art student sale. You may recall Scott also built the desk based on a Pottery Barn one. It was one of the the first things he built me when we were dating and the Kartell ghost chair was my first Christmas present from Scott. I love it! It’s an investment piece but there are plenty of affordable copies like this one under $100. My mom’s good friend Carolyn crocheted the baby blanket draped on my chair in colors to match the nursery; so thoughtful!

*These photos are obviously highly edited and stylized for pretty pictures. Not shown are the paper shredder and filing cart that reside underneath the desk. Also missing is Kirby who usually curls up next to the computer!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the shelf about your desk 🙂

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