Holiday GIft Guide: For The Hostess

Since getting married, Scott and I switch off holidays between our families. This year we’ll have Thanksgiving here in Houston with my family and then we’ll celebrate Christmas in Austin with Scott’s. My sister is really good about taking small gifts to whomever is hosting the holiday meal. If I think ahead, I like to do the same. Last year, I took these festive cups (or was it the straws? #pregnancybrain) to my sister-in-law’s on Christmas Eve. Ideally, I’d have a small stash of hostess gifts ready for holiday parties and impromptu get togethers.

I prefer to give (and get) hostess gifts that can be used up like candles, paper goods, or food. In the age of decluttering and organizing, no one needs another knick knack. I gave all my baby shower hostesses personalized gift tags from my fave Murchison Dry Goods. I picked out holiday themed tags so they can use them this Christmas. You can also give evergreen tags like the ones pictured that can be used for any occasion. What’s your favorite hostess gift to give (or receive)?

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  1. These are great ideas…love those cups!!!!!


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