Hospital Bag: Do’s & Don’ts

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These photos were taken a couple weeks before Ford’s birth. It’s funny to look back and see what I thought I needed at the hospital and what I actually used. I packed way too many pajamas! I was under the delusion that my bump would immediately disappear after birth and I would fit into my normal size. Wrong! I stayed in my hospital gown the majority of the time. I changed once into maternity leggings and a robe when visitors came. I also thought I would have a lot of downtime. Guess I heard too many stories of people being in labor for hours and hours. While I was in labor for a long time (12+ hours), there was no way I felt up to doing anything on my laptop or indulging in the face mask I brought. Both seem so silly now!
Phone Charger
Baby Book Guest Pages
Document Pouch/Folder
Maternity Pajamas
Socks (1 pair) & Slippers
Maternity Leggings
Nursing Top
Nursing Pillow

Hands-free Pumping Bra

3-5 Outfits for Baby
Going Home Outfit
Blow Dryer
Beauty Treatments
Non-maternity Pajamas

Shampoo & Conditioner etc.

I am thankful for one little luxury I indulged in pre-baby. The Monday before I gave birth, Lash Co. treated me to a set of lash extensions. What a difference they make! I chose the classic set for a natural look (versus the American volume). It’s so nice to wake up and look fairly “done”, especially now when my time is so limited. I also went home with a Novalash aftercareKIT which includes makeup remover/conditioning wipes, mascara, and a lash brush. Mention “Sunday Beach” for 20% off your first set of lashes!
Sunday Beach Blog
My parting advice is to take to the hospital what will make you feel comfortable. You can always pack two bags and leave the one with non-essentials in the car. Better to have it than regret not packing something!

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  1. Great post! I am looking to have some bedding monogrammed and noticed your adorable monogrammed shams on your bed. Did you have those monogrammed in Houston? If so, do you mind sharing?

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