Mother’s Promise

I still can’t believe that I’m a MOM. After struggling with infertility, it’s still a bit surreal. The weight of this responsibility is slowly sinking in. This little person depends on me for everything! Today I’m partnering with Pampers to share my Mother’s Promise.  I promise to love Ford unconditionally and provide him with the best care I can. To make this a promise I won’t forget, I created a keepsake box of Ford’s hospital bracelets. I keep the round box on my desk as a daily reminder of this precious gift.

To give Ford the best skin care, I use Pampers Premium Care hypoallergenic diapers. I was given a box of Pampers newborn diapers and sensitive wipes at my baby shower. I was so thankful to have them when we came from the hospital. The wetness indicator is genius! I hate the idea of Ford sitting in a wet diaper and the blue line eliminates the guesswork. Thanks to the unique absorb away liner Ford rarely shows signs of diaper rash.

Are you a mom? If so, I would love for you to join me in making a #MothersPromise!


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