Nursery Update

We made a few changes to Ford’s room and now I can officially say the nursery is done (see nursery reveal here)! First, we added acrylic bookshelves (16″ long) in the narrow wall space by the bathroom. These are actually greeting card displays but work perfectly! I discovered them on Momma Society’s blog. The shelves tie in nicely to my acrylic desk chair (budget friendly version).  I put some of the nicer hardbacks on the upper shelves for safe keeping.
Next, we switched out the egg & nest prints for the framed limited edition Hermes scarf. I love the prints but this was the plan all along. I purchased it several years ago with the intention of hanging it in a future nursery. The scarf shows all the Texas wildlife. A deer family (can you spot the fawn?) is the focal point which made it perfect for Ford’s nursery!
Finally, Amy Vance of Eco Modern Concierge organized Ford’s closet. Originally, this was Scott’s closet. Amy relocated his clothes to “my” closet in the master bedroom. We now split the closet 50/50 and it has worked surprisingly well (so far!). I purchased these baby velvet hangers and clothes dividers and Amy hung all the clothes by size. We generously received a ton of clothes for Ford’s first year at showers and hand-me-downs. The closet is the size of a linen closet. To increase storage, Amy suggested shelves on either side beneath the clothes so Scott built and installed them. They now hold extra diaper pail bags, diapers & wipes, and stuffed animals. Not pictured is an elfa shelf for shoes, play clothes, hats & bibs.

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