Organizing for the New Year

January always brings a renewed energy to get organized. Is it one of your New Year’s resolutions? It’s one of mine year after year! Today I’m excited to have Amy Vance of Eco Modern Concierge on the blog to share her favorite organizing tools. You may recall Amy helped me organize Ford’s nursery earlier this year . Check out Amy’s must haves below and don’t miss the reader discount!


Dymo MobileLabeler Label Maker: This is something on my wish list because it is controlled by your smartphone and you can pick different fonts to use. There are so many different label makers out there and different ways you can label items. This one is compact and perfect for all kinds of projects.

Metal Bookplates: I love these bookplates. I have used them on countless projects through the years. They make organization projects look polished, whether using them on shelves or on binders.

Pouches: I love these pouches because they are durable, affordable and come in various sizes. Plus, I love the blue detailing on them. They are great for organizing all kinds of things like first aid kits to travel gear to office supplies.

Hire a Professional Organizer: Shameless plug, I know, but if you are really stuck on where to begin or where to go with your organizing projects, then hire a professional organizer. If you are in the Houston area, Eco Modern Concierge, is ready for hire 😉

Elfa Shelving: If you are looking for a cohesive look and a perfectly designed, organized space, then the Elfa Shelving system at The Container Store is a great option. You can also buy parts like just a drawer tower or drawer pull-outs. Plus, it is 30% off all Elfa products and 30% off installation right now.

Planner: This is an absolute must for me for staying organized with my day-to-day tasks. I am a visual person and like to write things down. This year I am switching back to my trusty Franklin Covey planner after years of trying others. This is just the one that works best for me.

Play Mat Toy Organizer: This play mat is perfect if your kiddos like to spread out their toys and Legos.  You lay everything out on the mat and with a quick pull of the drawstring the toys are stored in a bag.

The Complete Book of Home Organization: This is a great book if you love visual organization. She also has many great tips and it is divided up into 15 weeks so you can tackle various areas week by week.

Divider Sticky Notes: These are great if you are looking to stay organized while reading books and taking notes, creating to-do lists and various other uses.

Cord Roll: This is great if you are traveling and need to keep all of your electronic cords organized. It is stylish, affordable and compact.

Letter Tray: Paper clutter is one of the most difficult things for others to stay organized and on top of. This 5 tier tray is perfect for containing all that paper. I personally use this one and love it.

Command Hooks:  I always have several Command Hooks on hand because they are so useful and handy for the most random of things. I am loving these new modern looking hooks they have out right now.

Amy is generously offering Sunday Beach readers 15% off organizing sessions and gift cards purchased now thru January 20th!





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