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As a new mom, my “me time” is extremely limited. That’s why Clinique’s new You-Time counter experience is perfect. In just ten minutes, you can learn a quick tip or indulge in a treat. There are three make up and three skincare experiences to choose from. I recently visited my local Clinique counter and tried the “Pick Your Pout” and “In A Wink” experiences. My consultant Amy Thai is one of the highest ranked Clinique consultants in the country!

We started with the “In A Wink” eye makeover. Amy asked, “Teach or Treat?”. I learn better by doing so replied “Teach!” Amy did my left eye then I mimicked each step on the right. We went with an everyday look. I was excited to try the Chubby Sticks. Amy applied ‘Beautiful Beige’ with ‘Lavish Lilac’ for a natural Spring look. Another new-to-me product is the Superfine liner for eyebrows. I’ve used others before that were chalky but this one goes on smooth! With warm weather quickly approaching, I requested bronzer. Amy taught me the 3 & E application approach with the ‘True Bronze’ pressed powder in Sunkissed. Basically, you make a 3 on the right side of your face and an E on the left starting at your forehead then going in on your cheek and then down your jawline. Easy!

For “Pick Your Pout”, we decided on a pink Spring lip. First, Amy exfoliated my lips with a ‘Sweet Pots’ sugar scrub. The adorable macaroon inspired pots have a sugar scrub on one side and lip balm on the other. Then she lined my lips and applied a ‘Pop Lip’ in Fab. A swipe of ‘Go Go Pop’ lip gloss completed the look.

It’s been a couple weeks since my mini-makeover. I try to make a point to put on my make up first thing in the morning. It helps me feel normal during this crazy newborn stage! I’ve been using the chubby stick eyeshadow and bronzer everyday. They are quick to apply and make a big difference in how I look and feel. All the products she used on me are below.

Grab your girlfriends and go check out a You-Time experience or two! 

This post was in collaboration with The Blog Societies and Clinique. All views are my own.


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